Testing Services


We perform NDT test on the parts in our production when requested. The type of test depends on material and whether the area is cladded or only machined. The tests are performed as an extra safety precaution as they will detects surface faults, before the parts are put into use. We offer the following types of Non Destruction tests;

• Hardness Testing

• Dye Penetrant Testing

• Ultrasonic Testing

• Magnetic Particle Testing

• Positive Material Identification 


Pressure testing

With pressure testing (FAT) facilities in-house, we help to keep the lead times low. Our facilities are capable of testing both small and large pieces up to a maximum testing pressure of 2.000 Bar. Our testing facilities are state of the art with all the applicable safety equipment. We have taken all safety precautions to ensure the testing is safe. The personnel are monitoring the pressure test on video in a separate room. The test results are automatically printed afterwards. The equipment is calibrated according to our ISO to ensure accurate test measures. With applicable Procedures, SAFOP and ITP's our trained personnel stand ready to pressure test your components.