Bjørntoft Maskinfabrik A/S began export in the 1970s to the Swedish market. Over the years we have experienced an increased demand from export markets for machined parts in Super Duplex, Inconel and Titanium. We currently export to Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Latin America.

With the necessary experience and certificates to comply with local markets, we take active part in export handling and through strong commitment and close communication we strive to be perceived as a local company. 

When the machined parts are ready and have passed the QA Department and final inspection, the parts are carefully packed according to pre-defined procedures to avoid  damage during air, sea or land transportation.

Depending on destination, we use different wood types for the boxes, as some require specific heat treatment and stamping. Furthermore, we refurbish the boxes inside to ensure the machined parts do not move or touch each other during transportation.

With our factory situated only half an hour from Copenhagen Airport, it is easy to visit us for project meetings and final inspections.   

We reacht quickly and professionally to all customer requests so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.     

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