With an expansion of the production area of 600 m2 we have reached a total production area of 1100 m2. The production layout is carefully organized and optimized according to work flow and flexibility. Priciples applied in the production include LEAN and 5S. 

Production Hall 1 is for serial production for small and medium-sized parts ranging from a few hundred grams to 250 kg. In Hall 1, part of the production area is set up for repair and maintenance jobs for local customers on manual machines.

Production Hall 2 is for machining large pieces up to 6 tons and up to 4.000mm in turning length and 1.150mm in turning diameter. For milling we can handle 2.700 x 1.100mm and 1.400mm in Z-height.

Cranes for each individual machines ensures time-saving and improved production flow as waiting time bottlenecks are eliminated according to LEAN principles. One can view our list of machines on the following link:

The CNC machines are operated in 2 shifts, Monday to Friday from 06.00 to 18.30 and Saturday from 06.00 to 15.30, which enables us to run 72 hours a week on the machines. This setup gives us shorter lead times and enables us to increase production flexibility, all in order to meet customer demands.

Our skilled and well trained operators are used to work in various materials ranging from plastics, aluminum, carbon- and stainless steel to tougher material like Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel and Titanium. With around 30 years off experience in machining Duplex and Super Duplex our customers refer to us as experts in these materials.

For further information on material machining capabilities please get in contact with us. 

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