Bjørntoft Maskinfabrik A/S is a successful family-owned machine factory founded in 1946 in Central Copenhagen. The factory started to produce spare parts for cars and mopeds as they were difficult to get hold of after World War II. Soon after many other industries requested manufacturing of spare parts and the company rapidly grew out of its factory in Copenhagen and relocated to newly built and bigger facilities in Skovlunde, Greater Copenhagen.

Forced by the oil crisis in Denmark in the 1970s Bjørntoft Maskinfabrik A/S started exporting to Sweden and soon 75% of the turnover came from the Swedish market. Later, in the same decade, Bjørntoft Maskinfabrik A/S began to construct and build robots under the trade name Myo-Matic, which became part of the revolution within automation. However, with big demand and potentials within the Oil & Gas Industry in the 1990s the company moved in this direction focused 100% as a subcontractor of machining services where we still continue to grow and have delivered critical machine parts to more than 250 subsea projects. One can find the names and location of the subsea projects on the map by clicking this link: https://www.bjorntoft.dk/references/off-shore 

With further growing demand and more workspace needed, the factory was expanded with another 600 m2 in 2007. In the new building 5 large CNC machines were added: three large CNC turning lathes and two CNC milling centres. The list of our manual and CNC machines can be seen by clicking on the following link: https://www.bjorntoft.dk/production/list-of-machines

Today, Bjørntoft Maskinfabrik A/S offers not only machining but also additional services to comply with customer requirements. These services include:

  • Raw material purchase
  • Manual and CNC machining
  • Inconel cladding (through sub-suppliers)
  • Surface treatment (through sub-suppliers)
  • NDT testing
  • Pressure testing up to 2.000 Bar
  • Comprehensive documentation

 With ambitious technology investment plans, new modern CNC machines are added on a continious basis and the third generation of the family now focuses on furher export expansion in neighboring European countries and Latin America.